• High Performances Linear Positioning systems (stages).
  • High Performances Ruggedized Rotating systems (pedestals).
  • Motion Control Units.

Projects List

Suitable for printing inspection and positioning applications.


  • One or two axis stage
  • Including motion control unit
  • Customized length

continuously rotating unit.

  • MIL Std.
  • Built in controller.
  • High speed stability > 1%
  • Communications: RS422/232, CAN

High performances, two axes positioning unit.

Pedestal features:

  • High dynamic performances
  • Direct drive servo actuators
  • Built-in controller
  • Built-in Slip Rings
  • Built-in Rotary Joint
  • FOG/IMU feedbacks for stabilization
  • Tracking & stabilization Special control algorithms
  • 24VDC main power
  • MIL spec

Stage Main Features:

  • X axis (lower axis) accuracy ±5µm
  • Y axis (upper axis)
  • High speed up to 500mm/sec
  • Accuracy <±5µm
  • High frequency periodic motion up to 30Hz
  • Complex motion profiles

Simulator main features:

  • Payload < 200Kg
  • AZ travel 320o
  • EL travel +/-20o
  • High dynamic performances
  • Built - in profile generator – developed by Positech
  • Motion profile recorder – developed by Positech

Elevation over Azimuth Pedestal test bench for development and test of new algorithms controlling moments of inertia under different payloads and scenarios.

Pedestal main features:

  • Accurate positioning <0.10
  • Low speed ripple < 1%
  • Different mechanical interfaces (changeable)
  • Flexible Electrical and communication interfaces

Test and calibrate (mapping) Encoders and sensors

Motion system and control unit design and development.

  • Travel X: 600mm
  • Travel Y: 800mm
  • Travel Z: 50mm
  • Speed X & Y: 1000mm/s
  • Speed Z: 10mm/s
  • Accuracy X & Y ±5um per 500mm
  • Repeatability X & Y ±0.2um